Popular Acrylic Furniture & Art Pieces

Shahrooz line of acrylic furniture and acrylic sculptures is the most prestigious and the most complete line in the Acrylic Furniture industry. Shahrooz is known for his innovation in design. Manufacturing in the US since 1992 and producing numerous original designs that are all very unique and avant-gardist. His Lucite furniture is elevated to a different level in the furniture industry. Modern furniture must include a piece of Designer Acrylic Furniture in it, but what we are noticing more and more, is that even in traditional surroundings, people like to see a transparent furniture that enlarges their room. And that is exactly why individuals prefer the translucent acrylic furniture to a regular wood furniture that has been used in the homes for centuries. We have tried to make things simple and hence, we have presented all our products at our website and listed them in various categories as follows: Acrylic Dining Tables, Acrylic Coffee Table or Acrylic Cocktail Tables, Acrylic Side Tables, Acrylic Console or Acrylic Sofa Tables, Acrylic Dining Chairs and Living Room Sets, Acrylic Bars, Acrylic Barstools, Acrylic Sculptures, Acrylic Pedestals, Acrylic Lighting, Acrylic Bedroom Set. Shahrooz will match and beat any other Acrylic manufacturer in the US. on its copyrighted products or similar versions of such designs upon written proof of price quotation.