About Us

About Us

Shahrooz Artistic Acrylic

Founded in November 1992, Shahrooz has dominated the acrylic home furnishing market and created a fantastic reputation for his Quality and Craftsmanship.

Founder and CEO, Shahrooz, has introduced numerous design CONCEPTS, that no other Acrylic furniture manufacturer did, such as carving and painting into Clear Acrylic material, known also as Lucite material, which is actually the name of the manufacturer who introduced acrylic material in the US.

His signature design known as the Legend Swan Tables, and the Fantasia Collection was an absolute hit and still is in the market.

Hand etching and detailed designs are used to create a three dimensional effect. At Shahrooz, only the best in design and workmanship are sold. The pride associated with the product makes this brand renowned. Shahrooz proudly manufactures a complete line of fine acrylic home furnishings in the US. Their workmanship is truly an art.  Since each piece is an original handmade product with its own design and distinguishing characteristics, no two pieces are exactly alike.

To insure that you have purchased an authentic Shahrooz piece, please look for the signature or logo that is engraved on each item. Once you confirm that this is not a reproduction of the original you can be confident in the quality and style that goes along with the Shahrooz name.

Shahrooz products are used in residential and commercial and are registered with the USA Copyright office.