5 Cool Acrylic Trends To Try Out This Spring

Spring is here and so is a new array of trends! Going ahead hand in hand with the latest trends is often crucial to grab others attention and yourself feel good. With the advent of spring new and trendy ideas have emerged which you can use to update your home with the modern and cool acrylics.

Acrylics are durable, lightweight and easy to maintain. Hence, our suggestion will be to adorn your home with beautiful pieces of acrylics and flaunt your style and elegance.

Here are a few ideas that you can try to make your home spring ready!

  1. Wall sculpture


Spring means floral. If you want to stand out in the crowd, why not try adding floral touch to your home decor by using something other than floral bed sheets, floral curtains/drapes and flower vases. Instead you can add an exclusive floral wall sculpture that will not only bring in the essence of spring, but will also add the touch of elegance to your home decor. Acrylic wall art decor is something that you should give a try this spring.

  1. A trendy pedestal

sharooz images 1

Pedestals look classy when placed in the corner of the living space. These come in a lot of variety and you can choose the one that teams up with your other decorations. We would suggest you to get a trendy tube shaped pedestal as you can fit a light beneath it and place a flower pot on it. It will add the crux of spring into your living room.

  1. Acrylic dining tables

acyclic sharooz images

Spring brings in a lot of colors. Imagine yourself in a valley of colorful flowers and greenery all around. Great isn’t it? How about bringing this color essence in your own home? Yes, you can do it with ease by buying an acrylic dining table in vibrant pastel shades. Team it up with floral printed drapes, neon colored sofa covers and you will feel that spring has nested in your own home.

  1. Acrylic lounge chair

Como-Lounge-Chair sharooz

After a tiring day at work, you need some time to relax at home. What can be better than an acrylic lounge chair to relax? You can lie down and switch on your air cooler and the television set. Seems soothing right?

  1. Acrylic column wall unit

sharooz M160

With the onset of spring homeowners start cleaning up their home and a lot of stuffs get piled up. You need spaces to store these. The stuffs can be anything from old books to decorative pieces. How about a trendy acrylic column wall unit, which can both store your stuffs and bring the attractive factor in your home decor?
These are just a few suggestions to make your home look trendy this spring from our end. You can try out other acrylic items as well. Browse through our product categories and choose the one that suits your home decor!