14 Decorative Ideas For Small Rooms

Small spaces can be a bit tricky to organize and manage to feel clutter free and spacious. So you need to give a little thought to it before you move any further in this direction. Yes, it is a bit difficult task to achieve albeit not impossible. This article will help you consider important things that you need to include in your plan on to renovate your pretty little nest.

  • While working on small spaces lightning is very important and needs to be taken special care of. A proper access of light can make the impression of wide space. So see that you have a proper lit area for the appearance and feel of more space.

  • Choose colors which are closer to the natural hues. Shades of blues, greens, yellow are good choices to opt from. Though you can always experiment with other ones, keep them natural and subtle for making your small space look spacious.

  • Next important thing to consider is the selection and placement of the furniture. Multitasking furniture is the new thing trending in the market. Closets in your bed, sliding doors, bunk beds, are all popular choices, for people with little space.

  • One trick to make the impression of a higher ceiling is hanging your curtain rods close to the ceiling.

  • Placing mirrors at the right corners is one of the tried and tested formulas when it comes to creating the illusion of the space. So do not shy away from experimenting this one.

  • If you are into lamps and fancy lighting, it is suggested that rather than going for the cliché table or floor lamps, invest in some good wall lamps; they are modern as well as space saving.

  • Acrylic is quite a hot selling item when it comes to decoration; you have a lot to choose from acrylic wall frames and sculptures.

  • Apart from wall lamps hanging, wall work tables is also a fun way of saving space and adding quirk to it. Go for the ones in brighter colors.

  • Certain geometrical and abstract patterns are also great choices to give your room the spacious feel. It again creates the illusion of more space.

  • A good use of corners is a smart way of using the every inch to its best possibility. Curved wall shelves, cupboards could be easily placed in there to save the space.

  • Multilayered storage is also helpful while saving space. Look for some good pieces in this form of storage sets.

  • Replacing the heavy furniture with lighter one can be a smart move to create space. You can choose fun pieces like acrylic coffee tables, built in sittings and nesting tables.

  • The more the shelf, more the space. Yes, you got it right! Forming small counters for the storage of your clothes, utilities can help you utilize your space way better. Make sure the shelves are vertically placed rather than horizontally.

  • Curtains can be your saviors when it comes to small spaces. They can be used as dividers to give the effect of larger space area. Use this decorative piece more wisely.


As you start decorating your place, have your checklist handy and start exploring your options on the lines of the points mentioned above. Do not shy away from putting in your thoughts and ideas; a personal touch is always the best. If you are interesting in acrylic art, get in touch with us now!