The Must Have Acrylic Tables For Your Home

Acrylic furniture have become a very common piece of paraphernalia that people use to decorate their homes. This piece of transparent , durable and light furniture adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. By adding acrylic tables to your home, you can make a small room look spacious.

Here, we have come up with a few acrylic tables that are a must have for your home.


Acrylic coffee tables

The regular coffee tables are kind of boring and eats up a lot of space. So, you can basically replace these with acrylic coffee tables, which will not only suit the best in a small room, but will add a glossy and classy touch to your room. Since, these are crystal clear, you can team these up with patterned rugs or designer colorful carpets.


Acrylic dining tables

Dining space is that part of the house, where you need to be comfortable to enjoy your meal. You can replace your regular wooden dining table with the acrylic dining table and polycarbonate chairs. You can select from a wide range of such chairs available in the market. Since, these are clear, it will reflect light in the mornings and make the dining space look brighter. This look will bring a warm and eclectic look to your home decor with a modern touch.


Acrylic side tables

In the living area, often the need of a side table arises. Traditionally people keep the wooden side tables with drawers. Now, you can experiment with your home decor by replacing the traditional wooden tables with the beautifully crafted clear acrylic tables. These will fit perfectly in those small spaces of the side of your sofas, couches and chairs. The best part about these tables is that not only it adds the glam quotient to the decor, but these are durable and can be moved easily for cleaning underneath the tables.


Acrylic office tables

Many people host offices in their home and the challenge comes when they have to select the right furniture for their home office. Tables form an important part of the office furniture. Acrylic tables will just look perfect for your home office as it will make the office room  appear airier and these are highly durable too.

These four kinds of acrylic tables are a must have if you want to add a touch of classiness to your decor. The acrylic comes in the following variants-

  • Acrylite
  • Lucite
  • Plexiglas
  • Polycast

Well, if you are planning to add these acrylic furniture to your home decor, then there are leading manufacturers producing attractive and pleasing acrylic furniture. So, start choosing your own acrylic tables and add a style statement to your home decor.