Every Book Lover’s Dream is having this ‘Bookshelf House’

If you are a book lover a new book excites you more than any other luxury in life. So are you a book lover? Yes you are. What can be more captivating than the smell of a fresh book in your hand to savour its offerings, the words, the writings, the spellbinding story, and a perfect plate set to satisfy the hunger of curiosity.



Being a book lover we always dream of life surrounded by books every time. A variety of books like History, Literature, Karl Marx, Lenin and other endless names, it feels like a never ending treat.

When people talk about a house with different luxuries like swimming pool, big garden, big rooms, good flooring etc. In contrary we end talking about our desire of a ‘Bookshelf house’ with Acrylic Dining Table, Acrylic Dining Chairs

within same room to make it a grand study room.

Book Shelf Design 2






Not sure about the others but this tops my priority list, to get a Bookshelf in my house. But every time I think so, the storage problem intervenes. Yeah! You heard it correct, I know even you have the same problem. Storage problem is common these days with people filling their houses with unwanted and unnecessary stuff. My own bedroom is full of stuff which I can’t throw to free up space nor i can place them somewhere else.

But thanks to the ’Bookshelf house’ inspiring book lovers to redesign their house into a perfect book lover’s home. To be honest, it’s not less than paradise for bookworms.

Book Shelf degisn 3



What is BookShelf house ?
“Books, Books everywhere, nowhere to go. I am in the paradise, don’t wake me from this dream anymore” this lines would be on your mouth if you have one house like Andrea Mosca, who upgraded a normal house into the bookworm’s heaven.Andrea is renowned architect who received a major request before commencing his work to incorporate a massive bookshelf within the house. And he did a remarkable work with his creative skill. This work of art ‘Bookshelf’ house is located in the suburbs outside of Paris and the main decor element incorporated for design is nothing else except books.

Book Shelf degisn 5




As clearly visible in the pictures, the bookshelf plays two characters in the story, one is the bookshelf and the other being the railing for staircase and separation walls. The books continue upto the second floor dividing the office from the hallway.
Mosca designed this house for a family of five who were enamoured by a friend having a room long bookshelf. Well, thanks to them on behalf of entire book lovers for hiring Mosca to create a masterpiece like this. At this moment, most of book worms might be adding this house in their list of ‘must visit’ places. To the family, be prepared.

Book Shelf degisn 6





Renovation and innovation go hand in hand to create a masterpiece which registers its name to remembered for ages, Mosca, you have created one such masterpiece. Not sure about the world but those who always keep a book in hand will take your name for centuries.

(Images source: Huffingtonpost)