Offers artistic acrylic furniture and sculpture since 1992

Shahrooz-art is one of the top-leading acrylic furniture designers and manufacturers in Fine Clear Acrylic Furniture and Sculptures.

Have you ever thought of decorating your home with the most stylish and elegant Acrylic sculpture? Or are you in search of the professional manufacturer providing you with fine clear acrylic furniture at very reasonable price? If so, then is the perfect place. Welcome to ACRYLICORE by Shahrooz, the leading and world class manufacturers and designers of Fine Acrylic Furniture and Sculptures. Established in 1992, we have earned great reputation, and with our experience and professionalism we give our best to provide you with highest quality acrylic furniture and sculptures.

Being the leading manufacturer and designer of unique acrylic furniture and sculpture, we offers the wide range of brilliantly and beautifully designed acrylic furniture and sculpture including Acrylic Table, Acrylic coffee table, Dining tables and lots of other items that are very appealing and attractive. The modern and unique acrylic furniture provided by us give more brightness to your living areas and are also well accepted as beautiful decorative items. Our all pieces of acrylic furniture and sculpture are unique having different features, designs and characteristics to ensure effectiveness and excellence.

If you are looking for some stylish and high quality table then our Lucite Coffee Table is the best option, as it give completely new look to your living area and increase your living standard. You can also pair these acrylic tables with beautifully designed acrylic chairs to achieve high style statement. All pieces of acrylic furniture and sculpture are available in various sizes and designs with different color combinations to suits your distinct needs and to suit to best to your home décor. In fact, all our acrylic furniture and sculpture are hand painted and manufactured from original and high quality material to assure high level of craftsmanship.

We have tried to make things simple and hence, we have presented all our products at our website and listed them in various categories. You can easily browse our website and see the images displayed their along with the product description. You also need not to worry about the quality and originality of our products as they all are registered with USA copyright office. We feel glad to say thatAcrylicorehas featured two times in the special presentation of International Furniture Show and Home Fashion Report program on “Home & Garden TV” from our unique designs.

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