Tips To Choose The Best Console Table

Well known as sofa tables, the console table make a perfect accent furniture used to beautify your space with class. Just by accessorizing these tables with flowers, vases or pictures, you can bring a lot of style to even a small room.

These tables were primarily designed to fill up the empty spaces along the wall in the hallway or rest behind the couch, but considering
the number of designs and varieties available for the same, these tables can make a mark in your halls, rooms or any other place. The console tables can be styled in innumerable ways giving your space the look that you have always wanted.

As these tables bring both; style and usefulness, you need to be a bit choosey before selecting a console table. Here are a few tips that will help you get the perfect table.

Tip #1: Decide where you want to place the Console table.

The type of space available to accommodate a table plays a great role in deciding the table. You would want to choose the table depending on the area that is free for it. The size of the room and space available will decide if you need a tall, shallow, narrow or a low height table. While deciding on the size, try to measure the length and width of the area suitable to place the table.

Tip #2 Decide the function

Console tables can work differently at various locations. Before selecting a table, decide the functions that you would want your table to help you with.


At the Hallway:

Traditional but still most useful place to put a console table. As the hallway is narrow, console tables fit in very easily along the wall. If you are looking tables for this place, make sure it has drawers to place your keys and notepads and a hanging space for mirrors to make your space look larger.

As a dressing table:


Always wanted to have a good dressing space in your small room? Console tables will be a perfect fit giving you extra space to fit baskets under it.

In the Living Area:

If you have a large living room, console tables will be the best to fill up the space and add class to this central room of your home. You can divide your dining area and sitting area with such tables.

As a desk:

These tables function very well as a desk in a multipurpose room to stack your belongings or outside your kitchen window to store quick eatables for your children.
No doubt, with usefulness, these tables brings along class and design to each room.

Tip #3 Match the table with your room

Console tables comes in several colours, materials, sizes and shapes. Depending on the space available and the function of the table, choose a table which best fits your home decor and lifestyle. The style of the table should give a fresh look to your space, but at the same time, it should not be absolutely different from the current furniture of the room. Try to match the shape and material of the table to the furniture of your room.

The console tables are available in acrylic, glass, wooden and many other such varieties. Just keep in mind the look of your space before picking up the table.

Still have doubts to get the perfect table? Log on to our website to see the various designs and patterns of Console tables along with a detailed description of the material used in it. Our long term experience in home decor services will help you to refresh the look of your space.