Welcome This Spring With The Beautiful Acrylics

Acrylic Furnitures are hitting the Interior design trends this season. And if you too are planning to change your furniture or bring in new additions, keep these beautiful and clear acrylic furnitures at number one in your shopping list.

Acrylics are the best way to bring light and positivity to your place. The way in which these furnitures reflects the shades of the room is just remarkable. Welcome this spring with more joy at your place.

Here are 4 amazing additions that you can bring to your current home setup. These new members of your furniture house are sure to move your home decor to another level.

1. Acrylic Chairs

Acrylic Chairs

There are so many ways in which you can use these chairs. Take them at any room of your home and they are sure to be highly functional and the cutest member. As acrylic furnitures are partially transparent, they do not appear to be taking too much of room.
Get a set beautifully designed acrylic chairs and you can completely change the look of your wooden dining table by pairing these chairs with it. Or you can also use this chair as a complementary furniture to your sofas. Or use these chairs besides your study table or dressing area. No matter where you take them these are sure to be just fabulous.
The best thing about acrylic furnitures is that you don’t have to worry about your current furniture. It can be modernly designed or traditional pieces, acrylic furnitures have the power to blend with almost every type.

2. Console tables

Console tables

We all know how highly functional console tables can be for your house. You can use these tables at the entryway or besides your sofa. Another way can be to put it at any corner of the room. Console tables are the best way to add more elements to your space. As these tables are transparent, you can use accessories like fashionable lamps, paintings, your own pictures etc. such tables allow you to be more creative in designing the sitting area of your home.

3. Acrylic Tables

Acrylic Tables

Another creative way to design your space is to use acrylic tables instead of same old wooden or plastic tables. Just like acrylic chairs, there are amazingly unique ways of using such tables at your home. Depending on your use, you can put these acrylic tables almost everywhere. Outside the kitchen window to store cookies and breads for your kids, besides the window to make your own thinking table, in the library as a bookstore and the list just goes on.

Acrylic furnitures are designed in a way that they best serve to your functional and designing needs. You don’t have to worry about the space. The clear furniture sits invisible at any place you put it. Also, these furnitures radiate a fabulous reflection which gives more colors and light to the room.

At Shahrooz Art, we make sure that we deliver the best of the quality and design to add more beauty to your place. You can visit our online store or contact us to have more details of our work.